Core Philosophies

The Growing Tree Academy’s Core Philosophies

The Growing Tree’s core philosophy empowers children to make great choices by giving them the opportunity to succeed and enjoy their future in school. We encourage children to explore and progress at their own pace, in their own style. When your child learns and plays in this manner, he or she is empowered to learn and grow socially and intellectually. This is the distinction of including character education as part of our standards-based learning curriculum. Our teachers are highly trained, extremely attentive and enormously admired by the children in our facilities. The continuous training we provide for our staff always meets and often exceeds the standard for child-care. We require staff to participate in ongoing professional development programs to ensure their mastery of the standards-based curriculum education and early childhood learning skills. Our commitment is to the safety of your children. We never stop thinking about your child’s safety, so you don’t have to think twice about it. From background checks for every employee to much more, your child’s safety is our number one priority.
Please call today to talk to us about signing your child up with The Growing Tree Academy at our Houston/Bellaire location (713) 665-9722 or Pearland location (713) 436-5092.

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