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At the Growing Tree Academy we understand that parents have a lot on their plates and selecting the perfect daycare should not be another item on their plate.  We have the finest daycare and you don’t need to look any further.

Please see a comment for one of our parents:

I have been continually pleased for the last 3 years at the quality of care, attention, and I would have to even say love The Growing Tree Academy has given to my little girl. I trust the staff completely to home a little one’s interests at heart. It has been one of my best decisions of her short life for me to have her start in their care. A 10 out of 10.

Gaby’s Mom

We promise to take complete care of your child, just as we have for Gaby’s mom.   Our commitment and confidence that we will always maintain 10 out of 10 love care for each child in our care.

The Growing Tree Academy provides the following for every child:

  • Small personal space to interact, play and be creative with friends
  • Extra activities such as dance and art classes.  Spanish, Physical Education (PE) Technology are also offered
  • The leading curriculum on academic education in conjunction with social skills, outdoor activity, self-esteem and fostering independence
  • Complete attention to each child
  • Live web-cams system for parents who are at work
  • Low class-room ratios among teachers
  • Teachers who have great values and who love the children as their own
  • Air purifiers for infant’s class

Here at the Growing Tree Academy we provide the best daycare for your children.  We have your child’s best interest at heart.  We offer 10 years of daycare experience.  We have a nurturing fun-loving environment for every child at our daycares.

We know that all parents want the best care for their children.  At the Growing Tree Academy we provide healthy meals for each child at our daycares.  We provide a place that children can grow and be happy.  We offer a well-rounded learning setting and we also provide a great place for playing with friends.

The Growing Tree Academy is set out from the rest, and we take great pride in providing the best care for all children.

Please see a comment from one of our parents below:

I want to thank you for the way you say hello each morning to my child and for the joy you put in her step each time you do this. I want to thank you for making her feel excited and joyful to get to go to school and see her friends and teachers. For making her feel special included and welcome… I wanted to tell you personally thank you and that your job is one of the toughest, but one of the most meaningful and what you do each day makes a TREMENDOUS difference not only to those children getting to spend each day with you, but also to the mothers and fathers who feel confident and assured, knowing that their children, the most precious beings in the world to them, are in wonderful hands. Thank you!!

R. Schreiber