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child-developmentWe believe that all children are entitled to a clean, safe and healthy environment in which their atmosphere is secure and oriented to their care. We believe in the individuality and the special uniqueness of each child, the importance of providing developmentally appropriate activities that encourage development of mind and in participatory play as the most positive manner of learning. We also believe opportunities for optimal learning occur at the child’s own pace and in his or her unique style. We believe in positive discipline that is relevant, related and respectful; that establish consistent independence, interdependence, and responsibility through conflict resolution; and that enhance the child’s positive developing self-esteem and self-image preservation. Our goal is to always develop a respectful partnership with families. We value the many unique gifts we offer and we celebrate the diversity and the importance of establishing an atmosphere in which all people feel accepted and respected!

We are a Family-Oriented Daycare

The Growing Tree is a family-oriented daycare, offering a warm and inviting home-like environment. Our goal is to provide a high-quality childcare experience and to promote developmentally appropriate systems for each child and early-learning for smaller children. We are a full – inclusion mainstreaming daycare which serves children of all developmental ages and stages from infants through school age. We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual in our diverse community. We believe that children are entitled to a safe, clean, and healthy environment in which the atmosphere is secure and oriented to their needs. To learn more about how you can become part of our family and to access our services, please contact us.
Please call today to talk to us about signing your child up with The Growing Tree Academy at our Houston/Bellaire location (713) 665-9722 or Pearland location (713) 436-5092.

The Growing Tree Academy’s Core Philosophies

The Growing Tree’s core philosophy empowers children to make great choices by giving them the opportunity to succeed and enjoy their future in school. We encourage children to explore and progress at their own pace, in their own style. When your child learns and plays in this manner, he or she is empowered to learn and grow socially and intellectually. This is the distinction of including character education as part of our standards-based learning curriculum. Our teachers are highly trained, extremely attentive and enormously admired by the children in our facilities. The continuous training we provide for our staff always meets and often exceeds the standard for child-care. We require staff to participate in ongoing professional development programs to ensure their mastery of the standards-based curriculum education and early childhood learning skills. Our commitment is to the safety of your children. We never stop thinking about your child’s safety, so you don’t have to think twice about it. From background checks for every employee to much more, your child’s safety is our number one priority.
Please call today to talk to us about signing your child up with The Growing Tree Academy at our Houston/Bellaire location (713) 665-9722 or Pearland location (713) 436-5092.

The Growing Tree Academy Encourages Advancement

The Growing Tree Academy provides our students with experiences encouraging their advancement. We strengthen the care and guidance provided by our children’s caring family. Since most of the children spend much of their time is in school, we do our best to create a family atmosphere and support for their family life. Please call today to talk to us about signing your child up with The Growing Tree Academy at our Houston/Bellaire location (713) 665-9722 or Pearland location (713) 436-5092.

Specialized Curriculum Guidelines

The Growing Tree Academy provides each class with specialized curriculum guidelines. Through the use of specially selected materials, we encourage learning through play, and creative activities. Our goal is to stimulate the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth of each individual child. Our main concern is to have our children feel happy with themselves and others, and develop their natural intellectual interests. Each class offers instruction in the areas of reading, language arts, math concepts, science/technology, arts and crafts, outdoor play and music. We believe that all children need the kind of care which guides and enhances their total development. To achieve this, we provide our students with experiences which boost their development.

Investing in the future

The Growing Tree Academy’s Quality Early Education is an Investment in Our Future. The early years of a child’s life are a critical time for brain-development. A child’s initial experiences can have a positive impact on their ongoing development as well as brain connections that will last a lifetime. We know that high-quality early learning programs, which include research-based curriculum, highly-qualified teachers, study assessments and family engagement are essential to nurturing young children and their minds. The Growing Tree Academy’s vision is that all children will have access to the highest quality early care and education, so they can have the best possible start in school and in life. Our mission is to elevate the quality of early development care and beyond.

A Safe, Healthy and Respectful Learning Environment

The Growing Tree Academy supports student achievement through tiered and integrated educational services to students and their families. We continue to create a school community atmosphere that engages all parents and students to collaborate and maximize students’ participation in daily school attendance by demonstrating strong academic values to each student. We maintain a strong professional culture that supports well-being and safety in order to maximize learning and student performance. We provide a school environment that enhances learning and the child-development for lifelong wellness practices. We created a school community that demonstrates openness to improvement, trust, and respect with staff having knowledge and skills that are critical to the development of a positive school climate.

Daycare with Fun Activities in the Greater Houston Area

The Growing Tree Academy is a mixed-age playgroup/preschool for children. We operate out of a bright and warm daycare in Houston/Bellaire area and Pearland area.  We are your child’s first home away from home!  Our focus on art exploration classes, music, movement, puzzles, games and play-based learning build social/emotional skills for the even the youngest of the children in our daycares.  Each day features a class project, sharing time with friends and outdoor play if the weather permits.  Our child-centered curriculum encompasses a variety of daily activities encouraging the children to explore and discover with each other while building on definite motor skills (such as using scissors or stacking blocks) and becoming part of our community.

The Growing Tree Academy Understands Every Parent

At the Growing Tree Academy we understand that parents have a lot on their plates and selecting the perfect daycare should not be another item on their plate.  We have the finest daycare and you don’t need to look any further.

Please see a comment for one of our parents:

I have been continually pleased for the last 3 years at the quality of care, attention, and I would have to even say love The Growing Tree Academy has given to my little girl. I trust the staff completely to home a little one’s interests at heart. It has been one of my best decisions of her short life for me to have her start in their care. A 10 out of 10.

Gaby’s Mom

We promise to take complete care of your child, just as we have for Gaby’s mom.   Our commitment and confidence that we will always maintain 10 out of 10 love care for each child in our care.

The Growing Tree Academy provides the following for every child:

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  • Small personal space to interact, play and be creative with friends
  • Extra activities such as dance and art classes.  Spanish, Physical Education (PE) Technology are also offered
  • The leading curriculum on academic education in conjunction with social skills, outdoor activity, self-esteem and fostering independence
  • Complete attention to each child
  • Live web-cams system for parents who are at work
  • Low class-room ratios among teachers
  • Teachers who have great values and who love the children as their own
  • Air purifiers for infant’s class